Our Costs

MacIntyre Law charges are based on the time spent dealing and working on your matter, as set out in the terms of business. We have 4 levels of solicitors, with the current rates:


Solicitor with over 8 years qualified experience
£250 (+ VAT) per hour


Solicitor with over 4 years qualified experience, but less than 8
£200 (+ VAT) per hour


Solicitor and other Qualified Fee Earners (i.e. Legal Executives) with less than 4 years qualified experience
£170 (+ VAT) per hour


All other Fee Earners
£125 (+ VAT) per hour

We also offer Fixed Fees where appropriate on certain types of work, such as the production of documents.

For Family Law matters we offer an Unbundled Service which is effectively a “pay as you go” service.  You simply pay for the time you spend with a lawyer who will give you the advice and guidance you need to conduct the matter yourself.  Call us on 01908 410844 and we can discuss whether this service will be suitable for you.