What is Included in
the VISION Scheme?


You will be provided with a dedicated telephone number (and 24hr voicemail) and email address for you to direct your new enquiries to. These enquiries take priority. We shall respond to you by either telephone or email as we think fit.


In addition to the advice, additional work may be required to resolve matters. For example, you may seek advice on how to deal with an employee. Following this advice you then require an agreement drawn up. As this agreement is additional work you will benefit from a discount for this work of 20%.


Cashflow is key to any business and if you provide a service and raise your invoices after that service has been provided you are effectively giving your customers credit. Sometimes your customers may need a stronger prompt to get your invoices paid. We can therefore send a “solicitors letter”, as some business owners like to call it, as and when required in a final attempt to get the outstanding invoices paid before taking the matter further.


We like to keep in touch with our VISION clients and keep up to date with the evolution of the business. We will therefore meet with you on an annual basis to talk about what has been happening with the business over the past 12 months and what the intentions are for the next 12 months. It gives us a chance to get a feel for the business and its progression allowing us to give you the best advice.